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The Original Purpose-Built Range Booking System

Today's Ranges

Driving ranges rely on selling balls, and use the number of balls sold as their metric for success. This unfortunately has several knock-on effects:

  • People over-stay at the range. Spending too long to hit too few a number of balls.
  • Peak times are too busy with queuing and disappointed customers, and off-peak times are deserted.
  • Players who get a bay feel pressured by the queues behind them.
  • Scheduling, and staff shifts are hard to manage because the range is unpredictable.

Ultimately this leads to staff stress, customer disappointment and lower revenue.

The Solution

With YGB, you don't just sell balls. You sell time.

The products at your driving range are now a combination of 30 minute slots, and a number of balls.

Your customers know exactly what they're buying, and they know they'll get to play when they booked.

We also give you a public facing booking page which pushes empty slots and makes sure that all of the gaps in your calendar are filled.


Within 2 weeks of going live, we see on average 80% of existing customers begin booking online rather than just turning up to play.

Your customers want certainty.

  • The range becomes predictably busy, with a consistent turnover of customers.
  • Players no longer have to queue, and they're no longer pressured to finish.
  • Staff satisfaction goes up, and the need for additional staff goes down. Very few payments need to be taken on site.
  • Bookings are made in advance, and you've already taken revenue. Even if customers don't turn up, they've already paid.

Completely Customised

YGB is highly configurable. We can even add your venue's exact layout onto your booking page, so customers know exactly what they're buying.

We'll keep brand consistency from your website through to your YGB page, and your current pricing can be replicated to ease the transition for your customers.

We can also transfer your existing loyalty and range balances over to YGB to keep your existing customers happy.

Upselling & Average Spend Goes Up

YGB lets you push upsells and additional products at the point of booking. Consider how you can make more revenue by offering something like:

  • Additional pricing per head.
  • Club & equipment hire.
  • Food and drink tokens.
  • Car washing.

Or anything else you can think of!

Get Found Online

We'll automatically list your venue on our Venue Search page so that customers can find your business by the products you offer, and even by the tracking system you have installed.

We put a lot of effort into our search engine optimisation, so customers can find your booking portal directly on Google and other search providers.

Manage Your Bays

Our admin panel gives you a completely live view of your venue, down to a quarter of a second. You can manage bookings, checking customers in or running your venue completely autonomously.

Every booking that comes through your YGB portal is recorded, so you have total visibility of the spending habits of your customers.

You can even restrict bays across certain times to keep your pros happy, or block off slots in an emergency.

Fully Integrated

YGB already integrates with RangeServant, EGM and other dispensers. Your customers can scan their smartphones directly at the dispenser to release balls for their bookings. Alternatively you can print a dispenser receipt straight from your admin panel.

We work alongside, and complement your existing POS system. There's no need to change anything unless you want to.


See how your range is doing down to the second, and check which products are really making you money.

You can filter your sales by:

  • Booking status and payment status.
  • Customer.
  • Time range.
  • Whether online or walk in trade.
  • Product type.
  • Ball hit.

Like with the rest of the admin panel, you can access your reporting at any time on your smart phone as well.

Support When You Need It

As standard, you get telephone support during our working hours, and email/live chat support whenever you need it, 7 days a week.

It's all included in our standard terms and conditions, so we're always there when you need us.


We want YGB to be accessible for any venue, so we've kept our pricing competitive, and simple.

Bays are charged at £7 per bay, per month.

YGB then just scrapes a fee at the point of checkout on online reservations. Most venues opt to charge a small reservation fee direct to their customers. This is normally about 30p for range bookings. We do this automatically though, so you don't have anything to worry about.

Check out our full pricing page for more info.

Want to Hear More About YGB?

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Click Get in touch to send a message straight to one of the team.

Alternatively, click Book in for a demo and we can run through a full demo on what YGB can do for your business.

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